Welcome to Trio
The Lunch Delivery Service with ZERO Delivery Fee
On-demand food delivery services like Postmates, UberEats, and Caviar charge users an average of $7 delivery fee on top of $15 minimum orders, making a delivery $22 total

To provide a hassle-free yet affordable  lunch experience, we created Trio - a lunch delivery service with ZERO delivery fee.

Our secret sauce is large-quantity orders. We leverage group ordering and social discounts to not only eliminate the delivery fee but also to lower the food prices

Here's how Trio works:

Step 1 : Everyday, Trio features the Trio of the Day, which are 3 signature lunch dishes from one popular local restaurant

Step 2 : Review the Deals of the Day section to see what discounts you get today based on the number of people who ordered

Step 3 : Tap on the dish you want, confirm the order, then sit back, relax, and Trio will deliver your lunch to you at noon

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